Deep cleaning

$25/bedroom or bathroom for a deep cleaning service

Available to all our customers.

Includes a thorough cleaning of each room, dusting and vacuum cleaning behind furniture, deep cleaning bathrooms, vacuum cleaning couches, dusting light fixtures, cleaning windows, closets, shelves, cabinets.  

Recommended every eight to ten turnovers.


Available to our full-time customers.

A maintenance service is a fix or repair that takes less that 15 minutes to do.

Example of services offered: change light bulbs, restock towels and linen, water plants, deep clean stove, deep clean freezer, return key cafe. 

Fixes and Repairs

Available to our full time customers.

A fix or repair over 15 minutes is priced differently. 

Examples of services offered: fix leaks, change shower head, tightening toilet seats before they fall off, replace toilet seats.